Why Ward Construction
COMPLETE OWNER INVOLVEMENT – One of Ward’s owners will be your day-to-day contact from the beginning to the end. We do this to ensure your project will receive the highest level of productivity, quality and responsiveness. The buck stops here!

STABILITY – In business since 1986, Ward has completed all of its projects in time and on budget.

HONESTY, FAIRNESS, ETHICS – We pride ourselves in being honest, fair and highly ethical in all our business dealings.

NO EXCUSES – Ward utilizes our “No Excuses” promise to ensure that we meet budget and scheduling commitments.

TEAMWORK – We have a reputation for being a team player as we are known for adapting our expertise to provide for the needs and vision of the client's construction team.

FOLLOW THROUGH AND CONTINUITY – Ward provides the same personnel for preconstruction and construction services. You would be working with the same Ward Construction team throughout all phases of the project to ensure continuous coordination.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP – We are a very detail oriented company. We always make a personal commitment to perform excellent work.

"OPEN BOOK" APPROACH – Ward Construction operates under an "open book" policy.  We make it our responsibility to keep you apprised of the financial status of the project.

SAFETY – Safety is our top priority on each project. We have an outstanding safety record and excellent insurance rates.

STRONG FINANCIAL STATUS – We have the financial strength to provide a single job bonding capacity of $20 million and a total building program of $30 million.

ACCURACY – Our pre-construction services will include tightly written bid packages to facilitate either fast track construction or a standard job getting off to a great start and therefore keeping us ahead of schedule.

EXPERIENCE – Our proven track record for successfully completing our projects within their established time and cost constraints demonstrates that we can get the job done.

OWNER SATISFACTION – Our commitment to owner satisfaction throughout the life of the project demonstrates that we are committed to “Building Lasting Relationships”.

FLEXIBILITY– We have the flexibility to create novel solutions to unique situations to produce a product that everyone interested is delighted with.

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