Ward Construction Co. has received many letters of appreciation for our services through the years. The following are a sampling of the references our clients have provided us, and we wish to share them with you. Please click any quote to view the entire letter.

“It was evident throughout that they shared the same desire as the Owner and architect to create a great facility. We do not always find this level of pride and dedication on the part of the contractor.” F. Douglas Reisbeck, AIA, Project Manager, Anderson Mason Dale Architects.

“Ward Construction was always there working with us as a team to address our concerns and be problem solvers.” Sharon Healey, President, DATA.

“Ward is one of the very few contractors that actually review subcontractor’s submittals before passing them on to the architect. Ward Construction Company routinely performs in a completely professional manner, and brings honesty and integrity to everything it does.” Seth L. Rosenman, AIA, Root Rosenman Architects LLP.

“Ward is a “team player”, keeping the relationship friendly, cooperative and always focused on trying to maintain the best interests towards the project.” Delroy M. Horne, AIA, The Roybal Corporation.

“Ward was very flexible throughout the whole process in pricing different options for us to consider and in coming up with cost saving ideas.” Clay Carlson, Owner, Carlson Real Estate.

“Ward’s team“ pushed the construction ahead assertively, gaining valuable time during the early stages of the project, which have paid off in allowing the Owner to refine the facilities being provided without negatively impacting the required time of completion.” James S. Miller, AIA, Anderson Mason Dale Architects.

"They made us feel like our project was always their top priority. They took great pride in trying to save us money without sacrificing quality.” Kimberly J. Thuon, President, Board of Directors, Stargate School.

“I have been impressed by Ward’s ability to work with the rest of the contract team in addressing value engineering, alternate design and other cost and schedule concerns.” Sally E. Cummings, Owners Representative, Kent Denver School.

"Difficult renovation and the new construction was done in a professional manner with a result everyone connected with the projects is proud of.” Dale R. Hopson, AIA, JH/P Architecture.

“I believe that your management skills, proficient scheduling and active involvement played an important part in the project progressing smoothly throughout the construction period.” Michael B. Noll, Project Manager, Douglas County School District.

“Greg did an outstanding job directing the subcontractors to coordinate all phases of the project in a timely manner.” Pat Ziuchkovski, AIA, RTA Architects.

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