Preconstruction Services
Ward’s preconstruction services are recognized as unsurpassed in the construction industry. We are known for asking far more quality questions than other contractors. These questions are driven to make sure your project is completed as designed, on time and on budget. Ward enjoys entering the process early to provide necessary support to the project team of the owner and architect, and to ensure that everyone’s input will guide the project to an enjoyable conclusion. From a team perspective, we scrutinize every aspect of the project to ensure the required result.
Ward’s input will provide assistance in the following items of expertise from the earliest conceptual stages through ground-breaking. These Preconstruction Services have developed from our many years of successful application.
Services include:
  • Overall project planning, phasing and scheduling
  • Development of an overall project and construction budget
  • Site constructability review
  • Conceptual and final cost estimates including subcontractor bid packages that will expedite schedules and limit change orders
  • Systems analysis and life-cycle costing and value engineering
  • The flexibility to offer unconventional options
  • LEED certification assistance
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