NISTNIST B1 Structural Repair
Boulder, Colorado

National Institute of Standards and Technology
325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80305
Noah Branscom, Contracting Officer

Perigee Consulting
9089 South 1300 West, Suite 160
West Jordan, UT 84088
Letizia Welker PE

Project Information
Use: Research Facility
Type: Structural/Repair/Architectural Improvements
Size: 40,000 SF Renovation
Original Contract Amount: $1,370,000
Final Contract Amount: $1,780,502
Project Duration: August 2020 to February 2021
Project Manager: Stan Ward
Superintendent: Dennis Nickell
Method of Delivery: Bid/Negotiated

Project Address
National Institute of Standards and Technology
325 Broadway, Building 1
Boulder CO 80305

Ward Construction Co. was selected as General Contractor through a bid/negotiated process with the Department of Commerce. The 70-year-old, concrete structure needed to have structural repair/preventative measures taken to prolong the life and integrity of the building and to conform to the City of Boulder/NIST aesthetic agreement. Part of the work involved removal and replacement of existing deteriorated structural concrete beams and columns which involved shoring of the existing building and well-planned work to avoid damage to the existing surfaces to remain. This work was accomplished in about 1 month from Ward’s start on the project.

Concurrently with the beam and column replacement, Ward was preparing approximately 11,000 sf of exterior concrete walls and waffle slabs for a cementitious coating application. This preparation included epoxy crack injection. As the project was awarded to Ward latter in the year than ideal, winter protection and heating was provided for much of the 2-coat application (and sealer). The finished product gained accolades from the manufacturer of the coating material and NIST. Also included in the scope of Ward’s work was the repair of concrete columns in the basement of the building.

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