Stargate Charter SchoolStargate Charter School (2002-2003)
Stargate Charter School Addition (2007)
Adams 12 Five Star Schools,
Thornton, Colorado

Stargate Charter School
3951 Cottonwood Lake Boulevard, Thornton, CO 80241
Contact: Patty Crone, (303) 450-6313

Hutton Architecture Studio
70 Broadway, Suite 300,
Denver, Colorado 80203
Contact: Paul Hutton, (303) 861-1600

Project Information
Use: Elementary/Middle School with Gym, K-8
Type: New Construction
Size: 60,000 SF
Original Contract Amount: $6,226,000
Final Contract Amount: $6,415,000
Project Duration: Original 11/2002 through 8/2003; Addition 3/07 through 9/07
Project Manager: Stan Ward
Superintendent: Greg Gtuno/Greg Thompson
Method of Delivery: CM/GC

Project Address
3951 Cottonwood Lake Blvd.
Thornton, Colorado 80241

This facility for the gifted first hired Ward Construction in 2002 to construct a new 40,000 SF Kindergarten through 8th grade Charter School. Then in 2006 Ward was rehired to construct a 20,000 sf addition: 8 classrooms and a gymnasium. Ward was hired as a CM/GC for the initial project because the Owner was convinced that Ward could:
1. Build a state of the art facility out of masonry vs. a metal building (the client’s understanding what they could afford).
2. Build the entire project in 8 months even though the shell was to be built during the winter.
3. Build the project for $95/sf, which was 33% less than the average public school was built for.
In 2006 Ward was rehired because it delivered on all of its promises. The challenges were the same: maintaining the great look, completing on schedule and delivering for 33% less than the average public school addition. Some additional challenges were: the budget only allowed for 6 more classrooms but the owner needed 8. Ward was able to work with the architect to make the 8 classroom addition affordable and in order to maintain the current playfield area, rooftop water retention was used as a water quality solution. For both projects we started preconstruction services at the schematic design level and committed to a GMP at D.D.'s to assist with the owner's funding. These fast track projects were ground up on a six acre site. The combined project consists of full site work including: parking lots, site concrete, play fields (with a soccer field and basketball courts), landscaping, and site utilities. The building was constructed with masonry bearing walls, steel roof structure, aluminum windows, casework, membrane roof, hollow metal and wood doors, aluminum windows, drywall partitions, elevator, mechanical and electrical.

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