Montview Elementary SchoolMontview Elementary School
Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Public Schools
1369 Airport Blvd.
Aurora, CO 80011
Contact: Susan Martini
(720) 584-9328

Eidos Architects
5400 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Jennifer Thong, (720) 200-0630

Project Information
Use: Elementary School
Type: Remodel and addition
Size: 47,415 SF Renovation & 5,429 SF Addition
Original Contract Amount: $6,944,600
Final Contract Amount: $7,350,000
Project Duration: January 2019 through August 2019 (6 Months Addition January - June; 3.5 Months Renovation May - August)
Preconstruction Manager/Estimator: Paul Sommer
Project Manager/Estimator: Stan Ward
Superintendent: Jamie Woodrum
Method of Delivery: Hard Bid

Project Address
Montview Elementary School
2055 Moline St.
Aurora, CO 80011

Ward Construction was shortlisted to bid this project and was the only one to provide a bid within the District’s budget. Ward felt confident in completing this project due to our past 100% success of being on budget and on schedule, and because Eidos Architects was on the project. We had previously completed three difficult short term summer projects with Eidos and have found them to be an exceptional team members. A few of the keys to completing this work on time was the prioritizing of the submittal process and our detailed planning and scheduling supported by our extensive site investigation to solve potential problems in advance. The two main focuses of this project were a new 5,000 SF addition along with an extensive interior renovation. We started the addition in January to lessen the distraction once we were let into the existing school for the summer work. The extensive interior summer work included the replacement of the existing school's mechanical system, new LED lighting and a new fire sprinkler (including new fire water service to the building) and fire alarm systems throughout. The remodel also included new: structural supports for the new RTUs on the roof, classroom casework, doors & hardware, replacement windows, drywall partitions, drywall & acoustical ceilings, carpet and painting throughout the existing 47,000 SF existing building.

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